Multispectral Camouflage for the Soldier System (SCI-096)

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  RTO-TM-SCI-096 - Multispectral Camouflage for the Soldier System
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  Approved: 2000
Start: 1/1/2001
End: 12/31/2004
  Maintenance of Military Posture; Collective Defence; Peace Support Operation;
  Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition; Intelligence Support; Special Operations; Land Operations;
  Camouflage,Survivability,Signature Management,Soldier,Multi-Spectral,Clothing,Infantry
  CanadaFranceGermanyItalyNetherlandsNorwayUnited Kingdom
Many extreme demands are imposed on the soldier, and they have to be evaluated within an overall systems concept. It is of particular importance to reduce the thermal signature of the soldier. The signature is influenced by the clothing and the equipment carried. It varies with time of day, weather, seasons and background. The correlation of the significant signature parameters and their constraints will be investigated. The group will determine whether it is feasible to combine the parameters into a signature model of the soldier system. The expected output will be a report identifying signature reduction needs and demonstrating camouflage solutions. Increased survival of those involved in dismounted close combat and enhanced mission effectiveness. Results will complement other enhancements underway in the nations under the heading of "Soldier Modernisation".
The capability to provide vehicles and weapon systems with multi spectral camouflage has been demonstrated and service implementations are underway. The same cannot be said for the soldier involved in dismounted close combat where movement and physiological issues impose significant constraints on the options available. To date acceptable, successful multi-spectral signature control for the individual soldier is not available. The R&D effort devoted to camouflage by most NATO nations is limited and involves a small number of specialists. There is a tendency for certain countries to have particular expertise in specific areas of the threat spectrum. Collaboration brings together a wide range of specialist skills and knowledge to ensure that the topic is dealt with in its entirety and national centres of technological expertise are brought to the attention of the wider NATO community.
In the past, SCI-005 has directed its efforts towards the development and selection of camouflage hardware, as applied to stationary and moving ground targets. A serious problem now needing particular attention is counter-surveillance measures for the individual soldier. Advances in modern sensor systems have made increased efforts in counter-surveillance essential in order to improve the individual soldiers’ chances of survival on the battlefield.

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