Test Methodology for Protection of Vehicle Occupants from Anti-Vehicle Land Mines (HFM-090)

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  RTO-TR-HFM-090 - Test Methodology for Protection of Vehicle Occupants against Anti-Vehicular Landmine Effects
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  Approved: 2001
Start: 4/3/2002
End: 4/3/2006
  Maintenance of Military Posture; Collective Defence; Peace Support Operation;
  Command & Control; Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition; Intelligence Support; Education, Training, Exercises & Evaluation; Special Operations; Logistics; Joint & Combined Operations; Land Operations;
  Anti-Vehicular Mines,Anti-Tank Mines,Testing & Evaluation,Test Procedures,Injury Criteria,Protective Equipment,Mine Blast,Test Equipment,Land Mines
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  CanadaFranceGermanyNetherlandsSwedenUnited States
Historical review of AVP techniques; mine blast physics; mine blast injury mechanisms to lower extremities and upper body; test methodologies; test procedures; injury assessment criteria.
The threat to military vehicles and their crew from landmines is of urgent and great importance to NATO countries. STANAG 4569 addresses the anti-vehicular (AV) landmine problem with respect to establishing standards for protection levels but does not state how to achieve a particular protection level. Therefore, the creation of a new TG is required to establish common NATO landmine test procedures and injury criteria, a fact that was confirmed by a team of experts during the HFM ET-007 meeting held in Brussels, 22-24 February 2000. The meeting also identified that there would be advantages to pool the knowledge and experience of the various participating nations with the aim of developing a common understanding of the physics at play in an AV mine blast and the resulting human injury mechanisms. Proper understanding of these phenomena should improve future developments of anti-vehicular protection (AVP) systems.
To assemble a database of tried/proposed test methods for AVP. To develop a consolidated description of the physics of AV mine blast and resulting human injuries. To develop common test procedures, equipment and injury assessment criteria for testing AVP systems against AV mine blast. To produce a comprehensive technical report.

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