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What is RSS?

What is RSS?RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Syndication) is an easy way to be informed of new stories and content posted on your favourite Web sites. Rather than having to visit many sites to find out if there are new items posted, special news readers shows it all to you in one screen. You will see the title of the recent content posted with a link to the full content on the particular Web site.

Also, many news readers 'alert' you when new content from your favourite Web site is delivered. They have the potential therefore to replace e-mail subscriptions and lighten up your inbox. An increasing number of Web sites now offer RSS feeds and STO is pleased to do so as well.

How do I get a news reader?

There is a range of different news readers available and new versions are appearing all the time.

Different news readers work on different operating systems, so you will need to choose one that will work with your computer.

How do I use it?

Special RSS news readers, called 'news aggregators' are required for you to be able to use RSS feeds. Most Web browsers also have built-in RSS support. We do not endorse a particular reader or browser; you can locate RSS readers via web search engines. There are also many reviews of the various news aggregators available.

Once you have installed a news reader, you can subscribe to one of the NATO RSS feeds by doing one of the following:

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  • Drag the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader;
  • Cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed into your news reader.

Using STO-CSO RSS feeds on your site

We encourage the use of NATO RSS feeds as part of a website.

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Lecture Series on "Structural Health Monitoring of Military Vehicles" (AVT-220 - 13/07/2015 to 14/07/2015 - Canada)

Specialists Meeting on "Advanced Aircraft Propulsion Systems" (AVT-230 - 20/04/2015 to 22/04/2015 - Poland)

Specialists Meeting on "Technological and Operational Problems Connected with UGV Application for Future Military Operations" (AVT-241 - 20/04/2015 to 22/04/2015 - Poland)

Spring 2015 AVT Panel Meeting Week for AVT Panel Members, Technical Team Members and Invited Guests to Technical Teams and Exploratory Teams  (AVT-35TH - 20/04/2015 to 24/04/2015 - Poland)

Symposium on "Test Cell and Controls Instrumentation and EHM Technologies for Military Air, Land and Sea Turbine Engines" (AVT-229 - 20/04/2015 to 23/04/2015 - Poland)

Lecture Series on "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Application in an Operational Military Setting " (HFM-245 - 19/03/2015 to 20/03/2015 - United States)

Symposium on "Emerging Technological Advances in Tactical Casualty Care " (HFM-249 - 20/04/2015 to 22/04/2015 - Poland)

Symposium on "Information Fusion (Hard and Soft) for ISR" (IST-SET-126 - 04/05/2015 to 05/05/2015 - United States)

IST 35th Panel Business Meeting  (IST-35PBM - 06/05/2015 to 08/05/2015 - United States)

Specialists Meeting on "Defence Implications of Cloud Computing at Tactical Edge " (IST-125 - 11/06/2015 to 12/06/2015 - Turkey)

Visual Analytics for Exploring, Analysing and Understanding Vast, Complex and Dynamic Data  (IST-SAS-139 - 20/04/2015 to 21/04/2015 - Portugal)

Subscription for the NATO Simulation Resource Library (NSRL) Prototype (MSG-NSRL - 01/11/2014 to 30/06/2015 - France)

NMSG 35th Business Meeting - Spring 2015 (MSG-35THBM - 25/05/2015 to 29/05/2015 - Estonia)

Panel Business Meeting, Spring 2015 (SAS-PBM-35 - 22/04/2015 to 24/04/2015 - Portugal)

Lecture Series on "Systems of Systems Engineering for NATO Defence Applications " (SCI-276 - 08/06/2015 to 09/06/2015 - Germany)

SCI-35th PBM, Ottawa, Canada, 11-15 May 2015. (SCI-35TH-PBM - 11/05/2015 to 15/05/2015 - Canada)

Lecture Series on "Systems of Systems Engineering for NATO Defence Applications " (SCI-276 - 11/06/2015 to 12/06/2015 - Bulgaria)

Symposium on "Flight Testing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)" (SCI-269 - 12/05/2015 to 13/05/2015 - Canada)

35th Panel Business Meeting (SET-35TH PBM - 06/05/2015 to 08/05/2015 - United States)

Spring 2015 STB - Executive Week  (STB-006 - 23/03/2015 to 26/03/2015 - Belgium)

First, please note that only NATO nationals and Partnership for Peace nationals (where applicable) can enroll for STO meetings.

To enroll for one of the meetings, you should authenticate against the website in the first place. Click User Logon from the navigation bar.

Click the desired meeting from the Meeting Enrollments tab. You will be prompted with a window that describes the meeting.

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Note: please contact the Collaboration Support Office if your email address has changed.

If you do not have a user account, please click I don't have a username/password from the meeting details window.

You will be prompted with a form for you to enter a valid email address and a role at the meeting. Hit Click to Enrol. Our server will check that you do not have a user account. If you do not have one, you will be prompted with a detailed form. Please note that all inputs are mandatory. Hit Enrol for your enrollment to be processed.

Firstly, you will receive a confirmation email. Later your application to enrol will be processed by the relevant authorities. Whatever the case, you will receive a notification.