National Coordinators

The National Coordinator is an individual designated by his nation to facilitate his nation's participation in the RTO and assist his national Science & Technology Board (STB) delegation.

His tasks consist of:

  • Coordination of STO activities with his national STB members
  • Coordination with his national Panel members:
    • Panel membership (National selection, Appointment letter)
    • Potential Member-at-Large nominations from his nation
  • Coordination with the CSO Director and staff:
    • CSO Membership Databases
    • Policy and organization matters (e.g. planning of future meetings)
    • Voluntary National Contributions to CSO staff
    • Consultant & Exchange Programme
    • Support Programme
    • PfP and 3Xnon nationals support
  • National procedures to manage arrangements for STO meeting hosted by his nation:
    • Designation and supervision of Local Coordinators
    • Suitable hotel accommodation, meeting facilities and local support (transportation, equipment, etc.)
    • All necessary security measures
    • PfP and 3Xnon nationals participation
  • National procedures to administer his nation's participation in the STO Consultant & Exchange, and Support Programmes
  • National procedures to administer arrangements for participation of his nationals in STO activities:
    • Enrolment process (Technical Team appointment notification letter)
    • Security matters, travel funding, etc.
  • Coordination of matters concerning STO Technical Reports with the National Distribution Centre in his nation
  • Coordination of STO public relations matters:
    • Promoting STO activities and advertising meetings in his country, particularly with other defence organizations
    • maintaining contacts with university departments and scientific societies.
Nation/Org. Contact Information
ACT 7857 Blandy Road, Ste 100 Norfolk, VA 23551-2490 UNITED STATES
ALBANIA Albanian Delegation NATO Headquarters NH-1005 Blvd. Leopold III B-1110 Brussels BELGIUM
BELGIUM Campus Renaissance Royal High Institute for Defence (RHID) Blok K 30-47 Renaissancelaan 30 B-1000 Brussels BELGIUM
BULGARIA Defence Institute Ministry of Defence 34 Gen E. Totleben Blvd 1606 Sofia BULGARIA
CANADA DRDC 305 Rideau St. (8th floor) Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2 CANADA
CZECH REPUBLIC Manager Vojenskı technickı ústav, s. p. Mladoboleslavská 944 197 06 Praha 9 Czech Republic CZECH REPUBLIC
DENMARK FMT-PA-NBO05 DALO Lautrupbjerg 1 DK 2750 Ballerup DENMARK
ESTONIA Estonian Ministry of Defence Sakala 1 15094 Tallinn Estonia ESTONIA
FRANCE Armament Cooperation Officer DGA 7-9 rue des Mathurins 92221 Bagneux Cedex FRANCE
GERMANY Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr BAAINBw P1.4 Ferdinand Sauerbruch-Strasse 1 50673 Koblenz GERMANY
GREECE General Secretariat of Financial Planning and Defence Investments General Directorate for Defence Industry and Research Research Directorate, Fakinos Base Camp STG 1020 Papagou ATHENS GREECE
HUNGARY Research, Development and Scientific Affairs Branch Institute of Military Technology MOD Armament and Quartermaster Officer HM FHH HTI Budapest Pf 25. 1885 H-1885 Budapest HUNGARY
IS Capability Delivery Section, Strategy Directorate, Defence Investment Division NATO HQ Boulevard Lopold III, 39 B-1110 Brussels BELGIUM
ITALY SGD/DNA MOD Via XX Settembre, 123 00187 Rome ITALY
LATVIA Deputy Director Personnel Development Department Ministry of Defence 10/12 K. Valdemara Street Riga LV-1473 LATVIA
LITHUANIA MOD 25/3 Totoriu Str Lt-01121 Vilnius LITHUANIA
NASA Code ID National Aeronautics and Space Administration 300 E Street SW WASHINGTON DC 20546-0001 UNITED STATES
NCIA Oude Waalsdorperweg 61 2597AK Den Haag NETHERLANDS
NETHERLANDS Chief Scientist Principal Directorate of Policy Ministry of Defence Postbus 20701 2500 ES The Hague NETHERLANDS
NETHERLANDS Oude Waalsdorperweg 63, PO Box 96864, 2509 JG The Hague NETHERLANDS
NORWAY Director of Research, Information Management Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) PO Box 25 NO-2027 KJELLER NORWAY
POLAND Chief Expert Science and Military Education Department Ministry of National Defense Av. Niepodleglosci 218 00-911 Warsaw POLAND
PORTUGAL DGAIED - Direccao-Geral de Armamento e Infr-Estruturas de Defesa R and D Management Av.Ilha da madeira, nr. 1 1400-204 Lisboa PORTUGAL
ROMANIA Head, R and D Coordination Compartment Armaments Dept 9-11 Drumul Taverei Bvd. 6th District 061353 Bucharest ROMANIA
SLOVAKIA S and T Director Modernization and Support Department Ministry of Defence Kutuzovova 8 832 47 Bratizlava SLOVAKIA
SLOVENIA Ministry of Defence, DLO/SOP Vojkova 55, 1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
SPAIN MOD/DGAM/SDG TECIN C/ Arturo Soria 289 28033 Madrid SPAIN
TURKEY R and D and Technology Department MSB ARGE ve Teknoloji Dairesi Baskanligi Yucetepe Mah. Merasim Sk. 06100 Bakanliklar TURKEY
UNITED KINGDOM Business and Administration Services DSTL Porton Down Salisbury Wiltshire SP4 0JQ UNITED KINGDOM
UNITED KINGDOM DST-Strategy IRC UK Ministry of Defence Level 1 Zone K, Main Building Whitehall LONDON SW1A 2HA UNITED KINGDOM
UNITED STATES Deputy Director, Plans and Programs Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering 3040 Defense Pentagon WASHINGTON, DC 20301-3040 UNITED STATES
UNITED STATES NATO CSO US National Coordinator OASD(R and E)/International Technology Programs 4800 Mark Center Drive Alexandria VA 22350-3600 UNITED STATES
UNITED STATES NATO CSO US National Coordinator OASD(R and E)/International Technology Programmes 4800 Mark Center Drive Alexandria VA 22350-3600 UNITED STATES
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Lecture Series on "Structural Health Monitoring of Military Vehicles" (AVT-220 - 10/11/2014 to 11/11/2014 - Spain)

Symposium on "Cognitive Radio and Future Networks " (IST-123 - 12/05/2014 to 13/05/2014 - Netherlands)

33rd IST Panel Business Meeting  (IST-33PBM - 13/05/2014 to 16/05/2014 - Netherlands)

Subscription for the NATO Simulation Resource Library (NSRL) Prototype (MSG-NSRL - 01/12/2013 to 30/06/2014 - France)

NMSG 33rd Business Meeting - Spring 2014  (MSG-33RDBM - 02/06/2014 to 06/06/2014 - Norway)

Lecture Series on "Application of Verification and Validation of Models, Simulations and Data" (MSG-123 - 05/05/2014 to 06/05/2014 - Canada)

Lecture Series on "Application of Verification and Validation of Models, Simulations and Data" (MSG-123 - 24/09/2014 to 25/09/2014 - Italy)

Symposium on "Analysis Support to Decision Making in Cyber Defence and Security " (SAS-106 - 09/06/2014 to 10/06/2014 - Estonia)

Specialists Meeting on "Systems Concepts and Integration Technical Programme" (SCI-265 - to - Bulgaria)

SCI-33rd PBM, Sofia, Bulgaria, 12-16 May 2014. (SCI-33RD PBM - 12/05/2014 to 16/05/2014 - Bulgaria)

Specialists Meeting on "NATO Space: S&T Developments to Enhance Resiliency and Effectiveness of NATO Operations" (SCI-268 - 17/06/2014 to 19/06/2014 - Italy)

Specialists Meeting on "Compressed Sensing for Radar/SAR and EO/IR imaging " (SET-213 - 12/05/2014 to 13/05/2014 - Estonia)

33rd Panel Business Meeting (SET-33RDPBM - 14/05/2014 to 16/05/2014 - Estonia)

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Firstly, you will receive a confirmation email. Later your application to enrol will be processed by the relevant authorities. Whatever the case, you will receive a notification.