RTO-MP-AVT-200 - Hypersonic Laminar-Turbulent Transition

Transition entre écoulement laminaire et turbulent dans le vol hypersonique

RTO-MP-AVT-200 AC/323(AVT-200)TP/447
NATO Science and Technology Organization
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Papers presented at the RTO Applied Vehicle Technology Panel (AVT) Specialists’ Meeting held in held in San Diego, CA, United States on 16-19 April 2012.
April 2012
604 (excludes supporting material where applicable)
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Hypersonic ; Boundary layers ; Transition ; Aerothermodynamics
Hypersonic aerothermodynamics is of increasing importance to NATO, since this discipline supports the development of a broad range of future capabilities such as time-critical strike and responsive space access. Laminar-turbulent transition is one of the more difficult sub disciplines associated with this area, because the mechanisms leading to hypersonic transition are complex, no single ground-test facility can simulate all aspects of the flight environment, and increasingly sophisticated numerical simulations must still make many simplifying assumptions.

This Specialists’ Meeting encouraged the continuing development of international collaborations, with the following objectives:

• Assess the current state of the art in predictive capabilities;

• Assemble active specialists in hypersonic transition, who will present summaries of their research and their future plans;

• Determine the sub-areas within hypersonic transition that are of interest to these specialists and their sponsors;

• Select canonical problems of mutual interest to form a focus for collaboration;

• Facilitate the formation of ad-hoc working groups based around these problems.

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