RTO-MP-HFM-099 - Radiation Bioeffects and Countermeasures

Radiations effets biologiques et contre-mesures

Activity Reference HFM-099
Originator's Reference RTO-MP-HFM-099 AC/323(HFM-099)TP/392
ISBN Reference N/A
Security Classification NATO PFP UNCLASSIFIED
Originator NATO Science and Technology Organization
Where to find this report List of National Distribution Centres
Presented at / Sponsored by Proceedings of June 21-23, 2005 Meeting held in Bethesda, MD, USA.
Published October 2011
Pages 766 (excludes supporting material where applicable)
Distribution Statement: This document is distributed in accordance with NATO Security Regulations and STO policies.
Keywords / Descriptors Antimicrobials ; Biological dosimetry ; Carcinogenesis ; Combined injury ; Cytokines ; Depleted uranium ; Dose assessment ; Gene expression ; Medical countermeasures ; Protein biomarker ; Radiation protection ; Radiobiology ; Radionuclide inhalation ; Treatment of radiation injury
Abstract The Proceedings of the NATO Human Factors and Medicine Panel, Research Task Group 033, Radiation Bioeffects and Countermeasures, June 21-23, 2005, Meeting at Bethesda, Maryland, comprise contributions from experts from eight NATO countries. The proceedings papers address the RTG-033 purpose to “develop the scientific basis for new and improved methods to prevent, assess, treat, and manage casualties and long-term health effects associated with ionizing radiation exposure from evolving threats in military operations.”

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