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Electronic Information Management RTO-EN-IMC-002 Dec 2004 PUBLIC RELEASE This report is available to all customers.
Electronic Information Management for PfP Nations RTO-EN-026 Apr 2003 PUBLIC RELEASE This report is available to all customers.
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The publications are subdivided into several categories as follows:

AGARDographs (Advanced Guidance for Alliance Research and Development) - AG: Constitute the principal formal category of publications for work prepared by, or on behalf of, STO panels. An AGARDograph must pertain to a single, clearly defined subject and comprise material generally agreed to be of lasting interest. This material may be either the work of a single author or the coordinated and edited contributions of several authors. Often the preparation time for AGARDographs is measured in years rather than months.

Meeting Proceedings - MP: Papers presented at non-educational meetings where the attendance may not be limited to members of STO bodies. This will include Symposia, Specialists‚?T Meetings and Workshops. Such publications generally include a Technical Evaluation Report of the meeting and edited transcripts of any discussions following the meeting.

Educational Notes - EN: Papers presented at lecture series or courses.

Technical Reports - TR: Technical publications given a full distribution throughout the NATO nations (within any limitations due to their classification).

Technical Memoranda - TM: Other technical publications not given a full distribution, e.g. because they are of ephemeral value only or because the results of the study that produced them may be released only to the nations that participated in it.

UNCLASSIFIED/UNLIMITED reports are available without any particular authentication.
NATO UNCLASSIFIED and NATO/PFP UNCLASSIFIED reports can be downloaded using your STO SharePoint login and password. Please contact either the STO Webmaster or the STO Panel Offices to request a login and password. Click Contact Us from the page footer.
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These reports are NOT AVAILABLE. Please contact your Distribution Centre.