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Subject Reference Start End Status Prtnr
Coated Component Condition Assessment and Remaining Life Prediction for Advanced Military Air Vehicles AVT-242 (RWS) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Innovative Control Effectors for Manoeuvring of Air Vehicles AVT-239 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Unified generic model and data-base for early screening and basic layout of a missile propulsion subsystem AVT-236 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE
Benchmarks in Multidisciplinary Optimization and Design for Affordable Military Vehicles AVT-237 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Experimental Validation Specialists Meeting AVT-246 (RSM) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Transition Prediction AVT-240 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Early stage warship design & procurement for operational effectiveness and affordability AVT-238 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Validation of Thermal Models for Air, Land, Sea and Space Vehicles AVT-226 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE PfP
Joint Exercise on IR signature prediction AVT-232 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Future Rotorcraft Requirements AVT-245 (RSM) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Balancing energy storage with safety in large format battery packs AVT-227 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Aeroacoustics of Engine/Rotor Installation for Military Air Vehicles AVT-233 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Structural Health Monitoring of Military Vehicles AVT-220 (RLS) 2013 2016 ACTIVE MD
Future Technological and Operational Challenges Connected with Application of Synthetic Fuels AVT-225 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE PfP
Test Cell and Controls Instrumentation and EHM Technologies for Military Air, Land and Sea Turbine Engines AVT-229 (RSY) 2013 2015 ACTIVE PfP
Advanced Aircraft Propulsion Systems AVT-230 (RSM) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Application of Integrated Munition Health Management (IMHM): Developing Methodologies for Implementation AVT-212 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Technological and Operational Problems Connected with UGV Application for Future Military Operations AVT-241 (RSM) 2014 2015 ACTIVE
Next Generation Greener Energetics and their Management AVT-243 (RSM) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Ship Design Guidance for Aircraft Operations AVT-217 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Ship Maneuvering and Control AVT-216 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Assessment of Volcanic Ash Effects on Military Platforms AVT-213 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Munitions Related Contaminaton AVT-244 (RSM) 2014 2015 ACTIVE
Extended Assessment of Reliable Stability & Control Prediction Methods for NATO Air Vehicles AVT-201 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE
Impact of Scarcity of Materials and Scarcity of Rare Earth Materials AVT-ST-003 (ST) 2014 2015 ACTIVE
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