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Subject Reference Start End Status Prtnr
Predictive Analysis of Adversarial Cyber Operations IST-129 (RTG) 2015 2017
Heterogeneous Tactical Networks - Improving Connectivity and Network Efficiency IST-124 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE
Meeting Translation for NATO Operations (Speech and Language Processing, Project 8) IST-102 (RTG) 2012 2016 ACTIVE MD
Dynamic Wireless Network Security in Coalition Environments IST-109 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE
Cyber Defence Situational Awareness IST-108 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE
Machine Learning Techniques for Autonomous Computer Generated Entities IST-121 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE
Defence Implications of Cloud Computing at Tactical Edge IST-125 (RSM) 2014 2015 MD
NATO NEC over SATCOM IST-113 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE
Maturing and Validation of SILF Feasibility Study IST-119 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Cyber Security Science and Engineering IST-122 (RSY) 2014 2015 ACTIVE PfP
Method for Architecture Definition and Evaluation in-line with NATO Architecture Framework IST-130 (ST) 2014 2015 ACTIVE
SOA Recommendations for Disadvantaged Grids in the Tactical Domain IST-118 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Trusted Information Sharing for Partnerships IST-114 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE
Visualization for Analysis IST-110 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE PfP
Cognitive Radio in NATO - II IST-104 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE
Information Fusion (Hard and Soft) for ISR IST-SET-126 (RSY) 2014 2015 PfP
Cognitive Radio and Future Networks IST-123 (RSY) 2013 2014 PUBLISHED. Download Publication PfP
Selected Challenges for Protected Core Networking IST-103 (RTG) 2011 2014
Standards Promoting Interoperability for Coalition UGVs IST-107 (RTG) 2012 2014 ACTIVE
Future Internet Architectures for Military Networks IST-120 (RWS) 2014 2014 PUBLISHED. Download Publication
Information Filtering and Multi-source Information Fusion IST-106 (RTG) 2011 2014 ACTIVE
C4ISR and Complex Situations: the Quest for Reliability IST-100 (RTG) 2011 2014 ACTIVE MD
IA / Cyber Defence Research Framework IST-096 (RTG) 2010 2014 ACTIVE PfP
Architecture Definition & Evaluation IST-115 (RSY) 2013 2013 PUBLISHED. Download Publication MD
Visual Analytics IST-116 (RSY) 2013 2013 PfP
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