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Subject Reference Start End Status Prtnr
Methods to Support Decision Making for Joint Fires SAS-108 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE PfP
C2 Agility: Next Steps SAS-104 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE PfP
Risk Analysis for Acquisition Programs SAS-109 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE PfP
Factoring Situational Awareness and Communications in Operational Models of Dismounted Combat SAS-107 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE PfP
Intelligence Exploitation of Social Media SAS-IST-102 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE
Analytical Support to the Development and Experimentation of NLW Concepts of Operation and Employment SAS-094 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE
Economics for Evaluating Fleet Replacement SAS-099 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE MD
Robotics Underpinning Future NATO Operations SAS-097 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE MD
Analysis Support to Decision Making in Cyber Defence and Security SAS-106 (RSY) 2014 2015 PUBLISHED. Download Publication PfP
Executive Seminar for Decision Makers in the Application of Operational Analysis SAS-103 (RTC) 2014 2015 PfP
Risk-Based Planning SAS-093 (RTG) 2010 2014 ACTIVE
Information Operations for Influence SAS-105 (RSY) 2014 2014 MD
Cost/Benefit Analysis of Military Training SAS-095 (RTG) 2011 2014 ACTIVE PfP
Key Performance Indicators in Measuring Military Outputs SAS-096 (RTG) 2011 2014 ACTIVE PfP
Costing Support for Force Structure Studies SAS-092 (RTG) 2010 2014 ACTIVE PfP
Power and Energy in NATO Operations SAS-083 (RTG) 2010 2013 PUBLISHED. Download Publication PfP
C2 Agility SAS-085 (RTG) 2009 2013 PUBLISHED. Download Publication PfP
Operations Research/Operations Analysis Orientation Course Curriculum for NATO Nations SAS-098 (RTG) 2012 2013 PUBLISHED. Download Publication MD
Cost Efficiency Implications of International Cooperation SAS-090 (RTG) 2010 2013 PUBLISHED. Download Publication
NATO Operational Record: Collective Analytical Exploitation to Inform Operational Analysis Models and Common Operational Planning Factors SAS-100 (ST) 2012 2013 PUBLISHED. Download Publication
Pre-Deployment Operational Analysis Course SAS-101 (MAS) 2012 2013 PUBLISHED. Download Publication
Operational Analysis Support to NATO Operations SAS-089 (RTG) 2010 2012 PUBLISHED. Download Publication
NATO Independent Cost Estimating and its Role in Capability Portfolio Analysis SAS-076 (RTG) 2008 2011 PUBLISHED. Download Publication PfP
Integration of Psycho-Social Models and Methods in NATO's Effects-Based Approach to Operations SAS-074 (RTG) 2008 2011 PUBLISHED. Download Publication PfP
Disruptive Technology Assessment Game: Extension and Applications SAS-082 (RTG) 2009 2011 PUBLISHED. Download Publication
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