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Flight Test Technical Team (FT3) SCI-272 (COM) 2014 2017 ACTIVE
High Energy Laser Weapons: Tactical Employment in the Shared Battlespace SCI-264 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE
System-of-systems approach to task driven sensor resource management for maritime situational awareness (SoSMSA) SCI-280 (RTG) 2014 2017
Enabling Technical Considerations for a NATO-Common Space Domain Operating Picture SCI-279 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE
Lecture Series on Store Separation and Trajectory Prediction SCI-277 (RLS) 2016 2017
Platform-level EW Architectures for Joint/Coalition Air Operations SCI-260 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Guidelines for Toxicity Testing of Smokes, Obscurants, and Pyrotechnic Mixtures SCI-273 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE PfP
Exploration and Development of Denial and Deception Doctrine to Support NATO SCI-246 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE
Process Development for D&D Field Trials and Associated Data Analysis SCI-270 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE
Application of Digital Data Recorder Standards for Flight Test SCI-266 (AG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) State of the Art and Flight Testing Methodology SCI-237 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE
NATO Vulnerability to Hostile Use of Civilian-Space-based SAR SCI-248 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
EO and IR-Countermeasures against Anti-ship Missiles SCI-224 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE
High Altitude Rotary Wing Flight Testing SCI-255 (AG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE MD
Systems of Systems Engineering for NATO Defence Applications SCI-276 (RLS) 2014 2015 ACTIVE
Maritime Situational Awareness Enabled by Space-based Systems SCI-275 (RWS) 2014 2015 ACTIVE
Command and Reporting Standards and Associated Development Tools for UxS SCI-271 (RLS) 2013 2015 ACTIVE MD
Flight Testing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) SCI-269 (RSY) 2015 2015 ACTIVE
Route Threat Detection and Clearance Technologies SCI-256 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE
Scientific Support to NNAG Above Water Warfare Capability Group (AWWCG) SCI-258 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Route Clearance Concepts SCI-233 (RTG) 2010 2014 PUBLISHED. Download Publication
Validation and Verification of Autonomous Systems SCI-274 (RWS) 2014 2014
Future Requirements and Options for EW Information Exchange SCI-223 (RTG) 2011 2014
Architecture Assessment for NEC SCI-254 (RSY) 2012 2014 PUBLISHED. Download Publication PfP
Radio Frequency Directed Energy Weapons in Tactical Scenarios SCI-250 (RTG) 2012 2014 ACTIVE
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