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Subject Reference Start End Status Prtnr
Spatial and Waveform Diverse Noise Radar SET-225 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE PfP
Cognitive Radar SET-227 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE PfP
Acoustic Transient Threat Detection Sensors & Signal Processing for Battlefield Situational Awareness SET-233 (RTG) 2016 2018 ACTIVE MD
Turbulence mitigation for Electro Optics (EO) and laser systems SET-226 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Model-based SAR Automatic Target Recognition SET-215 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE
Geospatial Information Extraction From space-Borne SAR-Images for NATO-Operations SET-220 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Simulation of Active Imaging Systems SET-219 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Interoperability & Networking of Disparate Sensors and Platforms for ISR Applications SET-218 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE
Adaptive Radar Resource Management SET-223 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Coherent Mid-Infrared Fiber Source Technology SET-224 (RTG) 2015 2017 ACTIVE
Naval Platform Protection in the EO/IR Domain SET-211 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Exploitation of Human Signatures for Threat Determination SET-209 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Active Electro-optic Sensing for Target identification and Tactical Applications SET-205 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Energy Generation for Manwearable/Manportable Applications and Remote Sensors SET-206 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE MD
Ship radar signature management system accuracy, sensitivity and confidence level SET-203 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Advanced situation-specific modeling, sensing and vulnerability mitigation using passive radar technology SET-207 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE PfP
Multi-Band Multi-Mode Radar SET-231 (RSM) 2016 2016 ACTIVE PfP
Reconfigurable and Scalable Multi-Function RF Systems in a Congested EM Spectrum SET-SCI-230 (RSM) 2015 2016 ACTIVE
Multi-Function RF Sensors Specification, Test & Evaluation SET-212 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE PfP
Swarm centric solution for Intelligent Sensor Networks SET-222 (RSM) 2015 2016
Signal processing for implementation in hand-held multi sensor ground penetrating system SET-208 (RTG) 2014 2016 ACTIVE
Visible Laser Dazzle Effects and Protection SET-198 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
Battlefield Acoustic Sensing, Multi-modal Sensing and Networked Sensing for ISR Applications SET-189 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE MD
Analysis and Recognition of Radar Signatures for Non-Cooperative Identification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles SET-180 (RTG) 2011 2015 ACTIVE
Phenomenology and Exploitation of Thermal Hyperspectral Sensing SET-190 (RTG) 2013 2015 ACTIVE
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