Information Management Committee (IMC)

The IMC Mission

The mission of the Information Management Committee is to provide advice and expertise in the area of information and knowledge management to the RTO. The Committee is comprised of international experts in the field of Information and knowledge Management, coming from Industry, Government and Academia. The Committee has brought advanced leading edge information technology to the RTO and advises on issues such as electronic publishing and bibliographical standards, knowledge management, and web design and usability. Further, the Committee includes the Heads of National Defence Information and Distribution Centres hence providing a more synergistic opportunity for learning and collaboration.

The IMC has a long history with the RTO and its predecessor AGARD. Indeed, it was the IMC who first brought forward the notion of using web technology for the R&T Community long before websites became the norm. Further, it was the IMC who first suggested and then helped formulate the move from paper based to electronic publishing.

In the past the IMC has held workshops on subjects such as web portal design, open access and bibliometric and citation analysis, and more recently on the use of taxonomies for connecting research activities across national and organizational boundaries and digital archiving and disaster recovery.

The IMC is, however, not just about giving advice. Recognising the need to cope with the vast and rapidly growing amount of data and information that is vital to scientists, engineers, program managers, policy analysts, resource managers, and others, the IMC developed a network, STARNET, to facilitate access to worldwide Web-based information sources in terms of science, technology and overall research.


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