Systems Concepts and Integration (SCI)

The Mission of the Systems Concepts and Integration (SCI) Panel is to advance knowledge concerning advanced systems, concepts, integration, engineering techniques and technologies across the spectrum of platforms and operating environments to assure cost-effective mission area capabilities.

Flight Test Technical Team (FT3)

UniqueThe RTO’s SCI Panel sponsors the Flight Test Technical Team (FT3), which is a connected community of senior flight test managers and experts from government, industry and academia, representing many of the major national and industry test organizations in the world.

Find out more by visiting the FT3 web page.

NATO Space R&T Team

UniqueThe RTO’s System Concepts and Integration (SCI) Panel sponsors a homepage for a NATO Space R&T Team, a cross-NATO community of interest focused on NATO’s current and future space requirements and the underlying research and technology initiatives necessary to develop and protect the next generation of Alliance space forces. This internationally connected community is comprised of senior space experts and operators from government, industry and academia representing the full spectrum of national and industry space planning, acquisition, test and operational organizations.

Find out more by visiting the NATO Space R&T Team web page.


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