Symposium on "Analysis Support to Decision Making in Cyber Defence and Security" (SAS-106)  from Monday, June 09, 2014 to Tuesday, June 10, 2014 in Tallinn, ESTONIA

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The rapidly evolving environment of cyber threats against the Alliance and member nations has necessitated a renewed focus on the development of cyber defence policy, strategies, and capabilities. At the Lisbon Summit in November 2010, NATO Heads of State and Government decided to enhance NATO’S cyber defence capabilities. The aim of a NATO Cyber Defence capability is to ensure NATO’s permanent and unfettered access to cyberspace and integrity of its critical systems.

Symposium Theme

The two-day Symposium is designed to share knowledge and expertise across nations, and present and discuss the following topics for decision support:

1. requirements and metrics;

2. situational awareness;

3. modeling and simulation, analytical models and frameworks;

4. information sharing.

It will also promote NATO Science and Technology Organization’s inter-group collaboration in cyber defence and present and discuss applicability of situational awareness (IST-108), visualisation (IST-110), and modeling and simulation (MSG-117). Finally, it should increase the visibility of novel approaches to the study of cyber defence.

The symposium will bring together academics, cyber defence experts, (operational) analysts, and operators. It will be divided into four sessions that will cover one of the topics above. A synthesis of key points will be developed and shared with all participants.”

Important Note

Please note that all participants are to make their own travel arrangements, hotel bookings and need to take special note of any VISA requirements.”


Further Information

Download Programme Announcement

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