The NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO)

Supporting the Defence and Security Post ure of the Alliance and its Partners

MGen Albert Husniaux, NATO Chief Scientist

In the foreword to his 2014 Annual Report, the NATO Secretary General states his priorities are to keep NATO strong, to work with Partners to help keep our neighbourhood stable, and to keep the bond between Europe and North America rock-solid.

The NATO Science and Technology (S&T) community, and the Science and Technology Organization (STO) in particular, are very well positioned to support NATO and the Nations in this respect and deliver to expectation.

NATO S&T is instrumental in the strategic awareness of future challenges and the innovation that NATO and Nations need to enable Defence and Security, today and tomorrow.

The focus on supporting the Defence and Security posture of the Alliance and its Partners is reflected in the Collaborative Programme of Work (CPoW) growing by 15 percent; the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) customer-funded programme delivering on time and within budget; and the STO delivering S&T results with multiple exploitation paths, including supporting the Wales Summit taskings.

In 2014, the Science and Technology Board’s (STB) efforts toward overseeing the STO positioned the Executive Bodies to deliver the STO S&T Programme of Work (PoW), moving reform forward, including key dossiers such as defining the future of NATO’s Research Vessels (NRVs) at CMRE.

On issuing coherent guidance to NATO S&T, the STB matured the framework for strategic guidance, which now includes NATO S&T Priorities and S&T Strategic Initiatives, while continuing to strengthen the engagement of the S&T planning domain across all steps of the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP).

With respect to enhancing the co-ordination and synergy of NATO S&T across NATO S&T stakeholders, the STB, through the STO, conducted extensive outreach activities both within NATO and with external NATO bodies.

Last, through the NATO Chief Scientist, the NATO S&T community delivered knowledge, analysis and advice to NATO leadership on a variety of topics, such as unmanned aerial systems, Modelling & Simulation (M&S) in support of training, autonomous systems, and elements related to process and analysis with the goal of enhancing the NDPP.

We are pleased to present this 2014 Annual Report. We trust it will provide an appreciation for the results delivered by NATO S&T and the STO in particular, a view of leading-edge scientific and technical accomplishments, and that it will encourage supporting the generation of the STO PoW and participating to it. We hope you find it an interesting read.

Maj. Gen. (BE AF) Albert Husniaux, MSc (Eng.)

Chairman Science & Technology Board and NATO Chief Scientist

Download the 2014 STO Annual Report

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Lecture Series on "Structural Health Monitoring of Military Vehicles" (AVT-220 - 03/07/2016 to 04/07/2016 - Bilbao, Spain)

Spring 2016 AVT Panel Meeting Week Enrolment Link for AVT Panel Members, Technical Team Members and Invited Guests to Technical Teams and Exploratory Teams (Separate enrolment links for the RSMs).  (AVT-37TH PMW - 25/04/2016 to 29/04/2016 - Tallinn, Estonia)

Specialists Meeting on "Design, Manufacturing and Application of Metallic Lightweight Material Components for Military Vehicles" (AVT-264 - 25/04/2016 to 27/04/2016 - Tallinn, Estonia)

Specialists Meeting on "Additive Manufacturing for Military Hardware" (AVT-258 - 28/04/2016 to 29/04/2016 - Tallinn, Estonia)

37th HFM Panel Business Meeting Bucharest Romania 11 - 14 April 2016 (HFM-37THPBM - 11/04/2016 to 14/04/2016 - Bucharest, Romania)

Technical Course on "Aerospace Medicine - From the Ground up " (HFM-264 - 16/03/2016 to 18/03/2016 - Ramstein, Germany)

Specialists Meeting on "Security Challenges for Multi-domain Autonomous and Unmanned C4ISR Systems (e.g., UxVs, Robotic Systems Security) " (IST-136 - 21/03/2016 to 24/03/2016 - CMRE, La Spezia, Italy)

Subscription for the NATO Simulation Resource Library (NSRL) Prototype (MSG-NSRL - 10/01/2016 to 30/06/2016 - CSO, France)

SAS Panel Business Meeting, Spring 2016 (SAS-PBM-37 - 11/04/2016 to 14/04/2016 - Tallinn, Estonia)

Lecture Series on "Space Domain Effects on NATO Operations " (SCI-285 - 11/04/2016 to 12/04/2016 - Boulder, CO, United States)

SCI-37th PBM, Loughborough University, United Kingdom, 16-20 May 2016.  (SCI-37TH PBM - 16/05/2016 to 20/05/2016 - Loughborough, United Kingdom)

Symposium on "Considerations for Space and Space-Enabled Capabilities in NATO Coalition Operations" (SCI-283 - 17/05/2016 to 18/05/2016 - Loughborough, United Kingdom)

Specialists Meeting on "Reconfigurable and Scalable Multi-Function RF Systems in a Congested EM Spectrum " (SET-SCI-230 - 18/04/2016 to 19/04/2016 - The Hague, Netherlands)

37th Panel Business Meeting (SET-37TH PBM - 20/04/2016 to 22/04/2016 - The Hague, Netherlands)

Spring 2016 Plans and Programmes (P&P Week) (STB-008 - PPC - 01/03/2016 to 03/03/2016 - CSO, France)

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