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Subject Reference Start End Status Prtnr
Continuous Airworthiness of Aging Systems AVT-275 (RTG) 2017 2020 ACTIVE
Unsteady Aerodynamic Response of Rigid Wings in Gust Encounters AVT-282 (RTG) 2017 2019 ACTIVE
Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence HFM-273 (LTSS) 2016 2019 ACTIVE
3D scanning for clothing fit and logistics HFM-266 (RTG) 2016 2019 ACTIVE MD
Operationalization of Standardized C2-Simulation Interoperability MSG-145 (RTG) 2016 2019 ACTIVE
Health Risk Assessment for Chemical Exposures of Military Interest HFM-262 (RTG) 2016 2019 ACTIVE
Risk-Based Safety Assessment of Operational Airworthiness and Certification Requirements for RPASs AVT-278 (RTG) 2017 2019 ACTIVE
Cross-Domain Platform EO Signature Prediction AVT-281 (RTG) 2017 2019 ACTIVE
Simulation for Training and Operation Group-Land (STOG-L) MSG-146 (RTG) 2016 2019 ACTIVE PfP
Injury assessment methods for vehicle occupants in blast-related events HFM-271 (RTG) 2016 2019 ACTIVE
Framework for Modeling and Simulation of Human Lethality, Injury, and Impairment from Blast-Related Threats HFM-270 (RTG) 2016 2019 MD
Combat Integration: Implications for Physical Employment Standards HFM-269 (RTG) 2016 2019 ACTIVE
Comparative Analysis of NATO Nation Acquisition Processes SAS-125 (RTG) 2016 2019 ACTIVE
Visual Analytics for Communicating Defence Investment Uncertainty and Risk SAS-124 (RTG) 2016 2019
Futures Assessed alongside Technical Evolutions (FATE) SAS-123 (RTG) 2016 2019
Non-Combatant Evacuations: Consular and Military Operational Research & Analysis SAS-122 (RTG) 2016 2019 PfP
M&S Support for Crisis and Disaster Management Processes and Climate Change Implications MSG-147 (RTG) 2016 2019 ACTIVE PfP
Advances in Wind Tunnel Boundary Correction and Simulation AVT-283 (AG) 2017 2019 ACTIVE
Evaluation of Prediction Methods for Ship Performance in Heavy Weather AVT-280 (RTG) 2017 2019 ACTIVE
Hazard assessment of exposure to ammunition-related constituents and combustion products AVT-277 (RTG) 2017 2019 ACTIVE PfP
Design and Analysis of Compressive Sensing Techniques for Radar and ESM Applications. SET-236 (RTG) 2016 2018 ACTIVE
Environmental limitations of Fielded EO-TDAs SET-234 (RTG) 2016 2018 ACTIVE
Improving Anesthesia and Sedation through the Battlefield HFM-250 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE MD
Demonstration and Research of Effects of RF Directed Energy Weapons on Electronically Controlled Combustion Engines SCI-294 (RTG) 2016 2018 ACTIVE
Collection and Management of Data for Analysis Support to Operations SAS-111 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE PfP
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