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Technology Alternatives for Medical Training: Minimizing Live Tissue Use HFM-242 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE MD
Improving Anesthesia and Sedation through the Battlefield HFM-250 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE MD
Modeling and Simulation Technologies for Training Medical/Healthcare Professionals HFM-257 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE PfP
Enhancing Warfighter Effectiveness with Wearable Bio Sensors and Physiologicol Models HFM-260 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE PfP
Human Systems Integration Approach to Cyber Security HFM-259 (RTG) 2015 2018 ACTIVE
Aircrew Neck Pain HFM-252 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE MD
The Impact of Military Life on Children from Military Families HFM-258 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE MD
Occupational Cardiology in Military Aircrew HFM-251 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE MD
Social Media and Information Technology for Disaster and Crisis Response HFM-248 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE MD
Human-Autonomy Teaming: Supporting Dynamically Adjustable Collaboration HFM-247 (RTG) 2014 2017 ACTIVE MD
Civilian and Military Personnel Work Culture and Relations in Defence Organisations HFM-226 (RTG) 2012 2016 ACTIVE MD
Environmental Toxicology of Blast Exposures: Injury Metrics, Modeling, Methods and Standards HFM-234 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE MD
Assessment of Intelligent Tutoring System Technologies and Opportunities HFM-237 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE MD
Reducing the Dismounted Soldiers Burden HFM-238 (RTG) 2013 2016 ACTIVE MD
Effective Inter-agency Interactions and Governance in Comprehensive Approaches to Operations HFM-236 (RSY) 2012 2015 PUBLISHED. Download Publication MD
Health Surveillance and Informatics in Missions: Multidisciplinary Approaches and Perspectives HFM-254 (RSY) 2014 2015 ACTIVE MD
An Applied-Scientific Approach to Field Assessments HFM-211 (RTG) 2010 2015 ACTIVE MD
Human Systems Integration for Robust Operations of UAVs. HFM-214 (RTG) 2011 2015 ACTIVE MD
Ionizing Radiation Bioeffects and Countermeasures HFM-222 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE MD
Aerospace Medicine Going to extremes HFM-256 (RTC) 2014 2015 COMPLETED PfP
Regenerative Medicine HFM-243 (RWS) 2014 2015 ACTIVE MD
Emerging Technological Advances in Tactical Casualty Care HFM-249 (RSY) 2014 2015 PUBLISHED. Download Publication MD
Sensitive Equipment Decontamination Technologies HFM-233 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE MD
Development of Depository of fast and reliable Detection Methods for Zoonotic Agents HFM-230 (RTG) 2012 2015 ACTIVE MD
Optimizing Hearing Loss Prevention and Treatment, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Soldiers with Hearing Impairment. HFM-229 (RTG) 2012 2015 PUBLISHED. Download Publication MD
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