NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (MSG)

The mission of the NATO Modelling and Simulation (M&S) Group (NMSG) is to promote co-operation among Alliance bodies, NATO member nations and partner nations to maximise the effective utilisation of M&S.

NATO Modelling and Simulation Master Plan (NMSMP)
The NMSG has been designated by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) to coordinate and oversee the implementation of the NMSMP. The most recent updated version (2.0) of the NMSMP was formally noted by NAC in Jan 2014.

NATO HLA Compliance Certification
The High Level Architecture (HLA) is the preferred Simulation Interoperability Standard recognized by NATO as early as 1998. HLA is an international standard as defined in IEEE and also in STANAG 4603. To support proper use of HLA, the NMSG has established an HLA Compliance Certification Capability. This capability is distributed between NATO/PfP Nations and offered as a not for profit service to check and certify the compliance of relevant simulations with the HLA standard. Descriptions of some HLA compliant federates are availbale here (login required).

NATO Simulation Resource Library
The NATO Simulation Resource Library (NSRL) is a tool provided by the NMSG and CSO to increase the reusability level of the simulation resources within the STO community - registration via CSO Web Site (Meeting Enrollments Section).

NATO M&S Standards Subgroup (MS3)
The NMSG established the MS3, consisting of NATO and national M&S experts, which were tasked with creating and maintaining the NATO M&S Standards Profile (published under the NATO reference AMSP-01). The third release, AMSP-01(C), was promulgated in March 2015 and includes more than 40 M&S related standards. The standards and products included in AMSP-01 are not formally mandated by NATO unless they are supported by a specific STANAG. However, all identified standards/products were included in AMSP-01 following a formal selection and classification process by the MS3 experts and should therefore be considered as relevant for the M&S domain.

The NMSG Online Calendar (login required) is intended to be an effective tool to help de-conflicting the multiple events in the NATO M&S world.


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