System Analysis and Studies (SAS)

The mission of the SAS Panel is:

  • To conduct studies and analyses of an operational and technological nature, and
  • To promote the exchange and development of methods and tools for operational analysis as applied to defence problems.
The SAS Panel Scope:

The Panel will conduct studies, analysis and information exchange activities that explore how operational capability can be provided and enhanced through the exploitation of new technologies, new forms of organisation or new concepts of operation. Such studies will, where appropriate, give explicit consideration to financial and other resource issues. The Panel will be responsive to requests for such studies from a variety of sources, including nations, the R&T Board, the Military Committee, CNAD, the Main Armaments Groups, ACT, ACO, NCIA, NIAG and industry. The Panel can also perform studies of a more purely technological nature if such studies are not appropriate for another NATO body.

The Panel will undertake activities to develop and promote improved analysis methods and techniques to support defence decision-making. This aspect of the Panelís work will focus particularly on the methods required to address the new issues thrown up by the evolving strategic environment and the responses that both individual nations and NATO as a whole are making to it. Activities may include information exchange on OA modelling concepts and best practice, research into new methodological approaches and the development and exchange of models.

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