Science and Technology Board (STB)

The Science & Technology Board (STB) constitutes the highest authority within the Science and Technology Organization> (STO), and is the policy body tasked by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) through the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) and Military Committee (MC) to carry out the mission of the STO.

It operates under the following provisions:

  • The composition of the S&T Board will consist of up to three members from each NATO member state, who may be chosen from government, industry, or academia, appointed by national governments. Each nation will have one vote. Decisions shall be by consensus.
  • The Chairman of the S&T Board will be NATO Chief Scientist. The Chairman shall derive his authority from the S&T Board. He will account to the S&T Board for all actions which he may take in accordance with this Charter and the decisions taken by the S&T Board. The Chairman will be assisted by two Co-Vice-Chairmen appointed from the International Staff (IS) and International Military Staff (IMS) on recommendation of the CNAD and the (MC), in consultation with the Secretary General.
The STB fulfils the following strategic roles:
  • Providing strategic guidance to S&T in NATO by issuing the NATO S&T Strategy and the NATO S&T Priorities;
  • Providing direction and guidance the STO Programme of Work
  • Delivering S&T-based advice to decision-making processes in NATO.

Leadership of the STO is exercised by a single authority, the Chief Scientist, in three roles:

a) Chairperson of the STB;

b) Senior scientific advisor to NATO leadership;

c) Head of the Office of the Chief Scientist.

MGenAs of 1 July 2012, the NAC appointed Chief Scientist is MGen Albert Husniaux (BEL). As the Chairperson of the STB, MGen Husniaux derives his authority from the STB and is accountable to the STB for all actions. He will serve as the STB's representative to the Secretary General and the NAC and will be responsible to the STB for the effective coordination of NATO's S&T programme. As the senior scientific advisor to NATO leadership, the Chief Scientist is also mandated to ensure that appropriate and timely S&T based advice is provided to NATO senior decision makers.


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